Nakova: “IBU-Dent is open to everyone, not only to IBU students”

Nakova: IBU-Dent is open to everyone, not only to IBU students

Prof. Dr. Marija Nakova, advisor of the rector of IBU, also prominent dentist and specialist in oral and dental diseases, talked about the IBU-DENT Dental Clinic that functions in the scope of the campus of the International Balkan University (IBU) in Skopje, and its activities and services, as she shared a message to the IBU students and patients-to-be.

– Тhe idea of opening IBU-Dent, and services that it offers to the patients

“The idea to open IBU-Dent was spontaneous since the Faculty of Dentistry was opened as part of the International Balkan University. Since dentistry is a regulated profession, it requires not only theoretical education but also practical education.

What does that mean? If the student does not have practical education, if he does not have manual skills, he cannot offer services to the patient, and our main goal is to create experts who will be able to respond to the labor market not only in the Republic of North Macedonia, but also outside it.

The first step in this phase was to open this private dental health organization called IBU-Dent, which actually has an agreement with the Health Fund (of North Macedonia) so that we can make it easier for patients to pay a part of the services, and the other part to be paid by the Health Fund.

– IBU-Dent performs all the dental services

Otherwise, IBU-Dent performs all the services prescribed by the Ministry of Health for primary dental care, such as examinations, diagnostics, extraction, easier extraction of teeth, cariology, i.e. filling of teeth, removal of soft tartar deposits, teeth whitening, which are part of more than 30-40 services provided by the list of the Ministry of Health.

This is only our first step that we are taking because the educators themselves who participate in the education process, legal regulation is that 60% of their activity that they perform at the faculty, work in a health facility in order to be able to get a license.

– Building polyclinic of mixed nature

This is just an initial step in the International Balkan University (IBU). We believe that during the period that it will exist, we will open more such primary health organizations, and of course we will open specialist organization, and we plan to build a polyclinic that will be of a mixed nature, containing not only the primary dental health activity, but also specialist activities. Because in the process of dentistry education, not only primary, but also secondary health care is part of the subject.

– IBU-Dent is open to everyone, not only to IBU students

The message is as follows: The IBU-Dent is open not only for students who are in the student campus of IBU-Dent, but also for all patients from outside because they have ideal conditions, we have an excellent therapist who is employed and is the head of the activity at IBU-Dent, and it is doctor Akgül Omeragiç, who has a huge experience of 15-20 years in that activity, and during this period I am very satisfied watching how she performs her services, that is, how she provides services to patients. And not only that, the patients also derive great satisfaction from the attitude and work of the doctor.”

– About the Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Dental Medicine is an accredited institution of higher education with a distinct mission and goals, devoted to training dental medicine specialists. It is part of the international Balkan University of Skopje and is the one of oldest private state educational institutions.

Protocol on Accreditation Council gives program accreditation to the specialty “Dental Medicine” of the regulated professions for the educational qualification degree “Bachelor” at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of IBU University, based on a general evaluation.

The study program in dental medicine is from the first cycle of university academic studies. The qualification level is VI A. After completing the studies, the student acquires 300 ECTS credits.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine provides training in English for international students. The curricula, the organization of education, and the control of acquired knowledge and skills are in line with the EU Directives and preserve the heritage and experience of the faculty in the field of dental education.

The Faculty educational facilities include pre-clinical and clinical rooms, auditoria, classrooms, seminar rooms, a specialized library, an information center, an administrative and economic department, etc.