Active Learning Strategies workshops

IBU Teaching and Learning Center is organizing a series of Active Learning Strategies workshops.


The workshop aims to explore innovative and effective approaches to enhance student engagement, promote critical thinking, and foster deep learning experiences in academic settings. 


Whether you are an experienced educator or new to the field, these workshops offer valuable insights and practical strategies to enrich your teaching practice.


The topics will include as following:


- Active Learning Strategies: Warm Up Activities, by Asst. Prof. Marija Stevkovska on May 21 (Tuesday), at 11:30 in Blue Amphi


- Interactivity in the Classroom and its Impact on the Learning Process, by Asst. Prof. Marijana Klimenchich, on May 23 (Thursday), at 13:00 in Blue Amphi


- Active Learning Strategies: Summarize Activities, by Assoc. Prof. Katerina Mitevska Petruseva on May 28 (Tuesday), at 12:00 in Blue Amphi


For more information and to register, please visit and contact us at