IBU organizes the World Industrial Design Event

You're invited through a Journey of Emotions: The World Industrial Design Event at International Balkan University with WDO fellow members!


Dive into the heart of design and emotion at the World Industrial Design Event hosted by International Balkan University, where we explore the captivating theme: 'Let’s Get Emotional.'


Date: June 25, 2024

Type: Hybrid – Online and In-person

Location (In-person): Senate Room, International Balkan University, Skopje, North Macedonia

Time: 13:00 (UTC) / 09:00 (EDT) / 15:00 (CEST)


Unlock Your Seat: Register for the Zoom Call - https://bit.ly/IBU_WIDD_event

Secure your spot and join us for an immersive experience!


Agenda (CEST Time):


15:00 – 15:10: Welcome Address: Bertrand Derome, WDO Managing Director

15:10 – 15:15: Special message regarding WIDD

15:15 – 15:20: Short speech by Prof. Lütfi Sunar, IBU Rector

15:20 – 16:20: Panel Discussion: Engage with thought leaders and industry experts as we delve deep into the intersection of emotion and design, sparking new ideas and perspectives.

16:20 – 16:25: Creative Showcase: Explore a virtual gallery featuring cutting-edge projects from talented students from the Department of Architecture, IBU

16:25 – 16:30: Conclusion and Reflection: Wrap up our journey together by summarizing key insights and celebrating the transformative potential of embracing emotion in the industrial design landscape.


RSVP for In-person: To join us in person at the Senate Room, please confirm your attendance with Arbresha Ibrahimi (arbresha.ibrahimi@ibu.edu.mk). Limited seats are available!


Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and moved as we embark on a quest to redefine the boundaries of industrial design through the lens of emotion. Your presence will make this journey truly unforgettable!