Balkan Research Center

The Balkan Research Center conducts innovative academic and policy research with experts in various fields in order to have a lasting impact on academic circles and decision-making entities.

The Balkan Research Center (BRC) is a research center established in 2024, with the aim of conducting research which will have a profound impact on policy-making, economic development and cultural issues, among others.

BRC aims to be a significant platform for innovation and contemporary research with inclusivity for academicians and volunteers. Planned events and projects of BRC include Panel discussions, research projects and academic journal publications with lasting impacts on academic and decision-making circles, as well as the general community in North Macedonia and throughout the Balkans. 

The goal of the Balkan Research Center is to provide objective, well-researched analyses in order to help academic entities and public entities, as well as other stakeholders, make informed decisions and formulate effective policies. 

Balkan Research Center conducts its research activities with experts in their respective fields as well as young researchers through its research entities, specializing in specific fields.

Find out more about the research branches of the Balkan Research Center below: 

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