International Relation Office

The International Relations Office (IRO) at IBU fosters global partnerships, including Erasmus+ exchanges overseen by the European Commission, alongside Mevlana and Bilateral programs. Erasmus+ offers diverse global opportunities such as student/staff mobility, internships, and collaborations, enriching educational experiences. IBU's commitment to global education thrives through these transformative initiatives.

The International Relations Office (IRO) cultivates international partnerships to facilitate transformative global opportunities and programs. As an integral component of IBU's dedication to global education, the IRO administers the Erasmus+ Student and Staff Exchange Program under the oversight of the European Commission, apart from the Mevlana and Bilateral Exchange programs and agreements. Erasmus+ provides a remarkable educational experience and opens avenues to various global opportunities, including international student and staff mobility, exchange programs, internships, opportunities for global cooperation, and projects with international partners.

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