Innox Technology and Innovation Center is situated in a dynamic environment within the International Balkan University ecosystem; it is the latest technology hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, and development in Skopje and the surrounding regions' startup scene. We are committed to accelerating business growth, fostering creativity, and making the region a focal point of interest in the dynamic innovation hub of the Balkans.

Seize the opportunity to receive quality engineering education with a competent academic staff that highlights industry experience and offers industry-academia collaboration opportunities to its students, along with state-of-the-art computer laboratories!

Our core mission is to support individuals and startup ventures.

While studying at IBU, start your company at InnoX!

InnoX’s Objectives:
We foster innovative thinking.
We provide students with access to resources, mentorship, and expertise!

We support entrepreneurship!
We contribute to the Balkan region by establishing a thriving innovation ecosystem!

Come to IBU and InnoX!

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