Project and Research Office

At International Balkan University (IBU), we embrace an innovation- and research-oriented educational approach. In line with this vision, we have established the Project and Research Center (PRC) as a dedicated institution to coordinate, promote, and support projects and research within the university.

The PRC serves as a platform where academics and researchers from various disciplines can collaborate. It facilitates the convergence of scholars, students, and external stakeholders interested in conducting research across diverse fields. Our aim is to provide an environment conducive to generating, sharing, and applying knowledge.

PRC enables the execution of projects at both national and international levels. These projects span a wide spectrum, ranging from scientific research to industrial collaborations. The center offers services such as providing necessary resources for successful project completion and offering guidance to researchers.

The International Balkan University Project and Research Center provides a conducive environment for the development of scientific exploration and innovative projects. Our mission is to maximize the potential of researchers and academics to advance knowledge and technology.

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