Teaching Learning Center

At International Balkan University (IBU), we have established the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) to support the educational and instructional processes. We designed TLC to enhance teaching quality, support student success, and develop teaching strategies.

As in all areas of life, teaching and learning activities are in constant change in line with the needs of the age. International Balkan University Teaching and Learning Center (IBU TLC) has adopted the concept of "innovation and excellence in education" by accepting the awareness that teaching and learning processes are in constant change. The Teaching and Learning Center was established within the International Balkan University to support teaching and learning activities with the understanding of innovation and excellence in education and to ensure continuous development.

IBU Teaching and Learning Center: 

1. Aims to support instructors in syllabus design, course design, assessment, and development of learning environments by collecting information and data in the field of teaching activities within the framework of the understanding of innovation and excellence in education.

2. To inform all faculty members and students at our university about innovative educational technologies, digital tools, and active learning methods.

3. To provide support in integrating innovative educational technologies, digital tools, and active learning methods into teaching and learning processes at our university.

4. Organizing training, seminars, and workshops that will support instructors in their professional development and self-improvement in the field of innovative educational technologies and teaching methods.

5. To support our students in developing both their learning skills and the academic skills they need by making their learning processes more interesting through individual support and seminar programs.

6. To support instructors in developing their knowledge and skills about innovative measurement and evaluation methods under the framework of new pedagogical approaches.

7. To engage in academic and scientific research activities on issues related to teaching and learning practices, innovative pedagogies, and instructional technologies, to improve the field of education.

8. To support the integration of digital learning platforms, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence technologies into the teaching and learning process to improve online learning results.

9. It aims to support students in areas such as time management, effective learning strategies, active study skills, and self-management to help them succeed in new teaching environments.

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